• It seems like there are several different part numbers for the Battery or AC Adapter that goes with my notebook computer, digital camera, PDA, etc. How do I know which is right for my unit?

    The Original Equipment Manufacturers will make Batteries, AC Adapters and other Accessories with part numbers that change for a variety of reasons. They may issue different part numbers to indicate date of manufacture, the country or the factory where the part was made, or even just to indicate that particular production run. So, there could be Notebook batteries with 10-12 different part numbers that are identical in every other way and that are all compatible with you notebook. Keeping extremely accurate and up-to-date cross references of this data is one of our areas of expertise. When we offer a product to you that is for a specific model and series, or as a replacement for a specific part number you can buy with confidence knowing that the item will work in your device and that it will equal or exceed the performance and specifications of the part it replaces. By using our Product Configurator or by using our on-site Search Box you can find the right Battery or AC Adapter for your Laptop, Digital Camera, PDA, or other mobile device.

  • What is a Refurbished Battery?

    Caution! A Refurbished Battery is simply a Used Battery. The extent to which it has been refurbished is always an open question. It may have been cleaned up or it may have some minor replacement of parts or even cell replacement. Refurbished Batteries typically sell for prices that are 25%-50% less than a New Battery. This reduced pricing reflects the reduced performance and value of these used batteries. Also, multi-cell batteries, like those used in high end applications such as notebook and laptop computers, are particularly susceptible to downgraded performance when they are refurbished.

  • Why are Original Equipment Manufacturers Replacement Parts more costly than the Equivalent Parts from Replacement Express?

    OEMs are focused on the next new product. They would prefer that you buy the next new product rather than extend the life of the product that you currently own. By making the accessories and replacement parts expensive, they are encouraging to upgrade the device rather than buy the replacement parts. Since they focus on the development of the next new item, the maintenance of replacement part inventories and the smaller production runs associated with manufacture of replacement parts is an added expense and a distraction from their core business. Our business is focused specifically on this business model and our systems and processes are designed to deliver High Quality Replacements Parts at Value Enhancing Prices.

  • Any suggestions to extend the life of the battery?

    Batteries from Replacement Express are durable and equal or exceed the specifications of batteries that come as original equipment from the OEM. One easy step to take is this: Avoid using the battery while the unit is being powered by another source like an AC Adapter. If you have a notebook computer that spends most of its time on a desk, you should run it with the battery removed. Since batteries can slowly drain and then recharge while they are installed in the notebook, removing it will reduce the number of cycles and extend the life of the battery. Also, try to avoid temperature extremes (very hot or very cold) since these can also impact on battery performance and life expectancy. And, lastly, do not accidentally damage the battery by dropping it or otherwise compromising the case. And never attempt to open the battery casing.

  • Is there anything in particular I should know to ensure safe operation of this battery?

    Yes, do not do any of the following:

    • Be careful not to short-circuit the battery by accidentally making a simultaneous contact or connection between the positive and negative terminals. Short circuits can damage and/or disable a battery.
    • Dont drop it, hit it, or take any action that may cause the case to open. The contents of a battery can be very corrosive.
    • Do not get the battery wet, through contact with water, rain, or other sources of moisture.
    • Do not burn, incinerate, or otherwise expose the battery to fire. Extreme heat can cause a battery to explode.

  • What battery should I choose for my Laptop if there are differences in Watt Hours (Whr) or Milliamp Hours (mAh)?

    Sometimes batteries from different manufacturers will have different Watt Hour (WHR) or Milliamp Hour (mAh) ratings. Also, some batteries are designed to have higher capacity. Also, a battery manufactured a year or two after the OEM battery may just be better due to slightly new technology or other factors. Generally speaking, a Higher Whr or mAh on the same system, using the same operating conditions will deliver longer battery run time.

  • What are the differences between top flight battery manufacturers and less reputable suppliers?

    Its very difficult to determine battery quality by a visual inspection. But the differences between high quality and poor quality can be dramatic. High Quality batteries will equal or exceed the OEM battery specifications and Performance. Low quality batteries are a bad value at best, and at worst can be dangerous. The primary considerations are: how old is it and what is it made of?

    You may see an OEM branded battery that sells at an extremely low price. This battery may be advertised as New or Never used. Be careful. OEM manufacturers will make a large quantity of batteries to meet the new model requirements and to provide replacement units to their service centers. But, since OEM batteries are typically more expensive, those that are not used in the new models may sit on warehouse shelves for extended lengths of time. When stored this way, all batteries will begin to lose their long term capability and expected capacities. When the performance capability of these batteries has been significantly degraded, the OEM will often sell them to a reseller at a steep discount. So, while these batteries may be Never used, it is a bit of a stretch to call them new. If you see OEM branded batteries offered at steep discount, you should be very suspicious.

    One of the most significant predictors of battery life and performance is the origin and quality of the cells inside the battery. Notebook batteries must be designed to support sophisticated digital devices. This requires that the cells in the batteries be matched with each other according to very strict tolerances. The cells must perform almost identically to ensure even, consistent, and long lasting power. Like a Chain, Laptop Batteries are only as good as their weakest cell. High Quality batteries use evenly match Japanese manufactured cells (Panasonic, Toshiba, etc) like those used by the OEM manufacturer. Lesser quality batteries may use Chinese manufactured cells. Some low quality batteries may even used refurbished, used cells.

    Replacement Express Batteries and AC Adapters use world class components, manufactured and assembled in ISO 9001 certified factories. Our products are Guaranteed to meet or exceed the OEM equivalent in performance and in service life. They are guaranteed to do this, and they do.

  • Will my laptop notebook computer, digital camera or camcorder work if I use a battery brand that is different than the brand of my device?

    Due to technological advancements, replacement batteries or after market batteries will often last longer than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) batteries that came with your device.

  • How Long will my Laptop run with this New Replacement Battery?

    The simple answer is: At least as long, and maybe longer, than the original battery that powered your Laptop when it was new. Batteries from Replacement Express meet or exceed OEM battery specifications and performance. Actual run times are governed by a number of variables. The size and brightness setting of your monitor/screen, the speed and size of your hard disk, the power drain and the frequency of use for the various peripheral devices like DVD Drives all impact run times. Some operating systems (especially Windows) engage in near constant disk accesses that can also create a battery drain.

  • What does it mean when a battery is called a Smart Battery?

    Smart batteries are made with internal circuit boards that can communicate with your Notebook Computer, Digital Camera, etc. In this communication process the Laptop can monitor the performance of the battery based on criteria like the voltages and the operating temperatures. Smart Batteries are typically more efficient and are able to ensure a higher level of accuracy in their fuel gauge LED or in the Notebooks on-board battery life displays. Smart Batteries will often run 10%-20% longer due to this enhanced efficiency.

  • How should I dispose of my Old Battery?

    Contact Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) at www.rbrc.com or call them at 678-419-9990. They work with you to recycle old batteries. They can direct you to a drop-off location in your area.