• Educational, University, College, K1 to 12 School District, Public School, and non-profit organizations

    Much like our work with our government customers, Replacement Express has always provided our top-quality laptop products and service to those customers who work in education or in a non-profit setting. Those customers also enjoy a Net-30 payment term and up to 40% discount over our MSRP on all purchases of 15 or more items. In addition to these payment terms, you can also submit your request for a quote so that one of our account managers can get in touch with you quickly and directly to provide you with a specific price quote. Our educational and non-profit customers who are eligible can also work in a tax-exempt context and can use their official credit or purchase cards if they order their products online.

  • Government customers

    Replacement Express has always been committed to providing the best in terms of product, service and terms for our government customers.We offer up 40% discount over our MSRP on all orders of 15 or more items. However, if you need a specific quote for a particular purchase, all you need to do is submit your request an account manager will be in touch quickly to provide you with a competitive quote as soon as possible. In addition to our efficient quote generation process and highly competitive pricing and payment terms, Replacement Express also provides tax exemption for qualified buyers. Simply include the appropriate documentation with your purchase order and we will handle the legwork that is needed to complete these transactions properly. Of course, if you know what you need, understand the pricing involved and are familiar with our high-end fulfillment process, you can simply choose to order your laptop batteries online and use your government credit or purchase card or your institutional credit card. From that point, you can expect the same level of service all of our customers have enjoyed.